Wednesday, July 27, 2011

★ Fishy's Birthday ★

150711 - is the fatty/ SFL/ SBB/ fishy's birthday.. went to sing k with him first at Neway and then dinner at Indulge, Kuchai Lama because he is craving and craving for mille crepe so damn much so we fullfill his wish because we are all kind =]

SFL and his CLB hahaha.. happy birthday to you.. you are older a year, please do control your temper.. add oil with everything you do.. we will always support you.. and don't play emo so much cause it don't suit you.. p.s: sorry for the late wishes from me, i got no time to update my bloggie hahaha the passing present ceremoony by miss cemone, by the way, the present is from cemone before heading for dinner, lets have a group picha =]wish fullfillment, dinner at Indulge with his mille crepe, ish how old are you? still act like a kid keep on annoy people to go there with you *shake head* now how do you feel with the cake ? you have try 4 flavours right? hehehe so satisfy now?

ooo by the way, no more kisses for you this year hehehe.. cannot let you enjoy so much every year or else next time you will not appreciate =]
6 of us, weeeeee enjoy, gossip, share, laugh and LEARN much that night =]

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