Sunday, February 23, 2014

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230214 - look at the last post, is been a year i nvr update my blog. what makes me decide to blog again? i feel sad and terrible sad that i dont know how to say or explain. i told my friend im sad but then i cant explain why. i just feel so. therefore im here to release a little and hope i will be fine after this. i am sad. many things happen since morning and everything does not go well. and well, im blamed for all these thing. till now im thinking really deeply is it my fault? i know it is not but someone just nvr admit it and put all the blame on me for no reason. why? im really in a bad mood and i thought we actually need a talk but you just dont give a damn and sleep like a dead one. whats wrong now ? is only 8o'clock. just a simple talk will ease my aches heart but you just dont want to do it. i dont know why. im sad

Friday, February 1, 2013

♥ bitch love beach ♥

260113 - after breakfast, we suppose wanna visit the toy museum but too bad it had closed down so we pass by a beach and we get down and chill there.. is a very quite place here with only 3 group of people fishing there.. no fun~ but anyway, i still love the beach yoooo
hahaha stupid boyfie snap me when im not ready yet
okay, now this is a nice one =] 
more to go, so stay tune for nice food hehe~~

♫ penang trip, day1 ♫

260113, this is my second time visiting Penang and i have went to more places compare to the first visit here~ before start exploring for more fun and food, had my breakfast here at one of the chinese restaurant that nearby love lane.. what a nice lane's name haha

 stupid boyfieee
 and he ordered wantan mee
while i ordered loh mee, but the loh mee here is totally different from what we used to have at KL.. the loh mee here is more like lam mee haha and they didnt put vineger on it =p
 im ready to explore =]

Saturday, December 29, 2012

✻ christmas eve ✻

hehehe i guess this will be the most most most up-to-date post.. it happens on 241212 which is the christmas eve of year 2012.. i wanna post bout it before 2013 comes hehehe.. well first of all, have our dinner at Alexis, The Gardens and have some gift exchange there.. after done with our dinner then we move to the bar nearby tropicana mall for drinks and also countdown for christmas~
my eve meal, roasted chicken sandwich that hard like rock.. i give up eating it *wasted i know*
le boyfie alexis burger which is actually a beef burger
the 3 little flowers lol 
✿ me, jolin and moon at alexis ✿
then most of the pichas were take at the bar because we spend more time at the bar than at Alexis haha
random picha #2
look at my fatty on red.. then i look at every picha and wonder why you have to post your eyes in that way huh ?
lotsa ♥♥♥ with moon
seriously well what happen with.. your.. eyes???
no eyes see you hehe
and last showing me and my man wishing you merry belated christmas and happy 2013 people XD

♔ chicago rib house ♔

291012  -dinner with le yumcha kakisss esmund, miki, sheeken and rok at chicago rib house, leisure mall, cheras.. is our first try there and i guess it will also be the last time? haha.. the food just taste so-so not really nice and the service... well.. our meal suppose to serve together with soup but the waiters there forget about it and so do we? till we reminded by the people next table when we saw they serve with soup.. and it takes so long for them to refill our drinks ==
however the environment there is not bad, nice place to hang and chill with friends =D picha above is rok sneaking the underwear of a skeleton lol
le man, picha above show that 3 of them is actually not that close haha so many gaps between them
this is one of the meal, the pork rib serve with 2 side orders with one drink and a soup.. and the pork rib got 3 flavors to choose from which are original, honey with garlic and bbq.. does it actually made you lost your appetite?
and this is mine, euw? hahaha totally different from what they shown in the menu the side orders that is available for you to choose are fries, cole slaw, fragrant rice, baked potato, corn on the cob, mashed potato and fresh vegetables
and the pizza that we share together
me and miki babe
know her since we both in kindergarten.. how many years ? hahaha
a good listener and always my best supporter
heyyyyyy when are we going to meet again huh ?

Friday, December 21, 2012

♡ visit from taiwan friends♡

is a surprise~ le old friends from taiwan gimme a phone call when i am kinda bored and rolling on my bed.. telling me that she and her family is now at malaysia and will come to look for us for dinner woohoo so we went to the restaurant that nearby dad's shop so dad can join us for dinner as well.. there we went for our gathering dinner at New Tai Thong, Taman Pertama 

the "bird nest" is made of yam, and there are variety of vegetables inside this nest and also squid
this is yummylicious pork rib
and lemon chicken is loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee
this is fish with some dont know what sauce that taste kinda spicy~~~ i think the sauce is something related with soy bean? well im not sure i only know in chinese they call it as "min shi"
   and fried mantis prawn with salted egg yolk.. this is superb yummy~~! the nicest among all above is a must to order and try~~~
and here we are, four ladies at home yoooo
and this is my gift from them, heart them so much~~~i love every single thingy given to me above~~~ i wish i could stay at taiwan hahaha, they said some of the thingy is exchange from 7-11 with the points they get when purchasing item from 7-11.. why we dont have such thing in malaysia? like i always said taiwan/ hong kong or even thailand's 7-11 is like heaven but malaysia's well is more than hell == so dull
our night activity were playing cards yea play cards not gambling ya and also drinking =D
the next day we have this BIG breakfast together nearby my place before off to petaling street and pavilion as they requested hehe
tadaa here we are, at petaling street, the street that full of non-original goods and also some really nice local foods that is just tooo expensive~! i am like the tour guide here as i just came here not long with le boyfriend so i still can give some comment and give a little guidance to them hehe
this is the stall that you can never miss out when you visit petaling street, the air mata kucing, some typical chinese herb tea that cure your thirst after walking under the sun for some time.. it is full of customers all the time and damn crowded.. you can find it easily
and this chestnut also all around the road you can spot them haha.. and it is also quite expensive too because they wanna earn money from tourist~ it cost more than it really worth for XD but you can still bargain with them.. if they know you are local, for sure they will lower the price
.. alright i shall stop here and continue again when me as a tour guide for my taiwan friends in the coming post, so stay tune, see ya..

♬ jang gun korea buffet ♬

161112 - plan to go lunchie with mummy at sasaiki because we are craving for sashimi BUT to our surprise when we reached there no more sasaiki but only jang gun buffet.. ooo it switch into a korean buffet instead of japanese buffet so we were thinking whether or not to try it till the manager *i guess he is* there come over to approached us, so i asked him, ooo change to korean buffet now? he said yes but still under the same company and they still serve sashimi sooooooooo there we go for our luncie hehe.. i have capture some of the pichas of food we have there, no time for pichas hahaha, have a look yoooo
tadaa~ sashimi and kimchii is love
oyster, topoki, korean fried glass noodles =D
they also serve other korean food like kimchi soup, ginseng soup, kimchi porridge~
kimchi every where haha
cuttle fish and some fermented Korean dish
random food picha #1
bbq lamb but this you have to wait for some time lolll and alot of people queuing there
and my eyes go blink blink when i saw CHOCOLATE FONDUE~ eat all the chocolates yooooooooooo
marshmallow dip in choco *yums
okay no more time for pichas lets eat all i can eat weee
done eating lets have some pichas with my mummy =D
mua pig face
a normal one with a wide smile hehe
and home with my eldest doggie
buai buai~