Tuesday, August 9, 2011

❤ fine dining ❤

PD class, a class with full of fun and a class that i enjoy much.. no final examination with very super duper simple assignments and also alot of chances for us to get closer to one and another weeee.. this is a post for one of the outing for this subject.. fine dining, for us to learn how to dine in a proper manner and for us to experience fine dining.. we have our experience at Golden House Hotel, honestly the food there is expensive yet not really that nice == yes i do not like it

opps now i know we are from USCI instead of UCSI hahahaha
one of the meal, fish
opps this is mine, chicken.. i think the fish is much more nicer.. mushroom chicken if i am not wrong hehe
our dessert, apple pie with vanila ice cream =]

my dear cousin
with sim sim and cousin

with mun yee and yee meng
leng sim sim again
and before we went back, woohooo i like it this way so professional =]


Miamy, said...

Curly hair really suit you leh. Look very different from the usual long straight hair look. haha

小雨 said...

but they all say old.. especially that sei jeffrey he laugh lik siao ==