Tuesday, September 6, 2011

❤Tokyo Street ❤

a post about the little little food stall at Tokyo Street.. mummy and i do bought some of the food from these stall.. well mostly all of the food we had are nice and special except for the japanese bread.. maybe we are not used to the "special taste" haha.. we saw a man that que behind us bought so much of the BREAD.. different people different flavour perhaps..

by the way, must try the ice cream at KINDORI.. it is ALL from real fruits.. seriously, cause i saw they made it.. just choose a fruit you want and the will weight the fruit and make it to ice cream for you.. so it is worth it to have a try~!
lastly will be the mochi, not bad, i like the filling.. can have a try too yet ice cream from KINDORI is the best hehe.. enjoy the pichaaa =]

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