Wednesday, May 30, 2012

♥ pitstop cafe ♥

300412, monday - dinner with tangwengchun at pitstop cafe, kuchai lama.. we choose to go kuchai lama is because we plan to have snowflakes right after the dinner BUT we didn't have it because both of us are too full after the dinner.. purposely went to kuchai lama for snowflakes but fail to have it hahaha..
the food there is not bad as for cafe standard it is consider as nice cause cafe usually do not serve good food hahaha.. but for me i think the portion is too big? and the environment there is not bad too, worth hanging there hahaha
 ♥ our soda drinks, mine is grape his is erm apple ♥
 ♥ his meal ♥
♥ and my corn flakes fish and chips, loll no chips but wedges there ♥
♥ and lastly, two of us ♥

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