Sunday, September 30, 2012

♪ lau zhi hau, pulau ketam ♪

we actually plan to overnight there too bad all the rooms are full.. actually there are only three hotels in Pulau Ketam so if you really plan to overnight there, well have to book it earlier else you will be like us, plan ruin *sadZZZ*
after fail looking for rooms to stay, we have something light to eat first.. because all the restaurants there are full filled with people and both of us is kinda hungry so we just have something light first so that our tummy can wait for the long queue later at the restaurant..
yes we visited Lau Zhi Hau as it is promoted by everyone that went to Pulau Ketam.. their lala chien is seriously nice, me and boyfriend enjoy it much or is it because we are too hungry? haha.. they also serve prawn chien, siham chien and one more i forgotten what chien haha but still chien =p
tadaa~ it is just located behind the row of all the restaurants.. it is very easy to find actually
the aunty saw me taking picture she purposely turn it slowly haha yet i still fail ==
tadaa our yummylicious lala chien that cost rm10 for two people, cheap?

opposite is a kedai runcit aka grocery store
like the environment there, bicycle everywhere~ no motor vehicles are allowed, perhaps there is really too small?
my love one =]
always says he looks like chapman to ==
well to be continue...

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