Friday, December 21, 2012

♬ jang gun korea buffet ♬

161112 - plan to go lunchie with mummy at sasaiki because we are craving for sashimi BUT to our surprise when we reached there no more sasaiki but only jang gun buffet.. ooo it switch into a korean buffet instead of japanese buffet so we were thinking whether or not to try it till the manager *i guess he is* there come over to approached us, so i asked him, ooo change to korean buffet now? he said yes but still under the same company and they still serve sashimi sooooooooo there we go for our luncie hehe.. i have capture some of the pichas of food we have there, no time for pichas hahaha, have a look yoooo
tadaa~ sashimi and kimchii is love
oyster, topoki, korean fried glass noodles =D
they also serve other korean food like kimchi soup, ginseng soup, kimchi porridge~
kimchi every where haha
cuttle fish and some fermented Korean dish
random food picha #1
bbq lamb but this you have to wait for some time lolll and alot of people queuing there
and my eyes go blink blink when i saw CHOCOLATE FONDUE~ eat all the chocolates yooooooooooo
marshmallow dip in choco *yums
okay no more time for pichas lets eat all i can eat weee
done eating lets have some pichas with my mummy =D
mua pig face
a normal one with a wide smile hehe
and home with my eldest doggie
buai buai~

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