Tuesday, March 8, 2011

♫ Robot Sushi ♫

is a post that happen long long long long long time ago haha should be 190211 due to the same old reason that i am damn damn damn busy with the assignments i have *fml till the max* so now here is the post
furthermore the stupid boyfriend said no one gonna read my blog so i dun have to update it =/ how sad~~~!!
okay okay back to the story, 190211 went for my Raymond Lam Fung's concert at Sunway Laagon so before that we went to have lunch at Sunway Piramid then movieeeee

domo at Robot Sushi
domo with the sushisss
my soba =]
comes with the soba
forgotten what these thing called already
*brain got jammed*
stupid boyfriend's salmon fried rice
stupid boyfriend
although you always bully me but.....
i still love love you~~~~~~!
me with the concert tickets
thankiuuuu boyfriend
*my valentine pressie*

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