Monday, February 28, 2011

♪ Sakae Sushi ♪

270211, telling mummy that every morning once i wake up i felt so damn fucking stress with the assignments that i have.. i felt like hopeless and lost some of the interest of daily life and and and feel so damn emo every morning once i wake up..
p.s: well i have just finish reading for depression and what i have mention above is some of the symptoms of depression.. hahaha so i diagnose myself having this melatonic type of depression? CRAZY~! i know i think too much~!
after that mummy bring me to sakae sushi at leisure mall to reduce stress =p
thanks mummy so so muchie

salmon sushi that salmon thin like paper ==
tai sashimi
soft shell crab temaki
my faves tamago
aburi tai sushi
aburi hotate sushi


lingsiang said...

eat with me ma! hmmmppp!!!!

Cherrie Looi~ said...

WTF~ i went there and cost mt RM70++ for 2 person~ I WONT GO SAKAE ANYMORE!! prefer sushi king~

WilliAM C.Y. said...

cherrie.....why i go sakae eat so cheap gehh?? XDD.... mayb u yeung sui...

Cherrie Looi~ said...

cy, u chase me til here~ >.<