Tuesday, March 20, 2012

♈ hot air balloon fiesta 2012 ♈

woohooo 180312, went to this hot air balloon fiesta with tangwengchun at Putrajaya.. hahaha finally we able to make it this time.. picha above is ♈ us ♈ while waiting for the KLIA express
the first picha i had once we reached there.. hehehe i am taller than the miss clown
and yeepiiii guess what? i had my Nutella ice cream there yes !!!
hohoho force him to take this picha
and we wanted to wait for the hot air balloon in the evening so when waiting the time to pass, we went for this thingy to have a look on the view there.. picha below is the view taken during the ride.. hehe we enjoy much on my 15 minutes ride that cost rm10 per person
♈ view #1 ♈
♈ view #2 ♈
and then we thought we wanna play this till we saw how those people keep on falling down because of not being stable in the "ball" so we decide not to play and just sit aside and have a look on others
then he said wanna play this paint ball hahaha... euwww my eyes look horrible here
next activity he had it all by himself because i have once played before and fail to climb up so i don't wanna get shame once again hehe
after so much activities and walking around exploring the place, then we sit aside and again enjoying the view and chilling~~~ bad shoe that "bite" my leg badly auwwww
♈ so much love with this picha
♈ and my current facebook profile picha
okay the hot air balloon about to flyyyyyyyyy up high ***as we thought*** but actually not really that high hahaha

♈ us with hot air balloon number 1 ♈
♈ hot air balloon number 1 is in the air ♈
and then we went to another side for more hot air balloon.. wow there are much more crowded than the first place we been above..

♈ us with hot air balloon number 2 ♈
♈ look at the crowd behind us ♈

harlooooo hot air balloonssss yet i could not find the pinkie cake hot air balloon
♈ us ♈
♈ bye #1 ♈
have so much fun that day, worth waiting for the balloons and worth it to have sun burned hahaha even it is real pain right now... thanks baby for the day hehehe i thought we could not make it but who knows my lovely boyfie willing to bring me there hehehe

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