Wednesday, April 25, 2012

☆ Tong Pak Fu ☆

there is a wednesday ask TangWengChun bring me to TongPakFu because i am craving for desserts hahaha.. here is it, the desserts are nice just that the price is abit too unreasonable expensive? hahaha TangWengChun said: you wanna eat you have to come here more often because it will soon gonna close down..
***because when we went there we are the only customer hahaha*** weekdays perhaps?
 look what is up there haha so cute
thing is called "tong but lat", it comes with two flavor which are syrup and sesame and we order the syrup flavor
the dessert of mine "yong zhi gum lou" it is mango plus pomelo
baby's "fu zhuk yi mai"
us at TongPakFu, thanks baby for bringing me there =D
after dessert then off to night market for dinner, wow my yummylicious smelly taufu haha

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