Monday, June 4, 2012

☆ fei zhang kai xin. 3 ☆

the very last part from my feizhangfaixin trip.. haha a short trip can come out with so many post, what a joke? hehe perhaps too much picture to show already.. well the very next morning, everyone wake up kinda early and then off to have breakfast.. after breakfast then have a morning walk with tangwengchun at the beach nearby the place we stayed..
 this is what we saw from the beach.. i think this place is kinda nice and windy during night time?
 the beach that looks better in the morning
 and alot of people start chilling there even it is early in the morning, i thought people only start to chill at the beach during noon or evening..
 baby =D
 smile hehe muakzz
 and then having some fun there before going back to the apartment
 2 of us early in the morning
 view his car from the place we stay hehe
 buat bodooooo hahaha
 on the way back home
  and  still remember that time was playing mc jin's song hahaha yoyoyo~
 a normal one
 opps not going back home yet, but off to midvalley hehehe
 and my rabbit wanna have fun with the sunglasses too

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