Tuesday, August 21, 2012

♫ korean food with mum ♫

once upon a time, went to have korean food with mummy at ampang.. well, there are plenty of korean food restaurant there and i kinda forgotten what is the name of this restaurant that we went to.. i only remember there is a big brown statue in front of the restaurant.. and yes, this is another long time ago post because nowadays i got no more such a nice hair **sadding** because i have accidentally cut my hair into a shorter and shorter lenght..now i looks more like an "ah lian" miss mmy hair so so much =[
 nahhh this is mum's always favourite that i less enjoy having hahaha
 okay now this is what i enjoy hehe yummylicious *om nom nom*
and will never forget my kimchiiiiii soup weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *happy*
the pan cake
 the meat is almost ready to serve, well we have pork and chicken if i am not mistaken hehe as it really happen months ago i guess
 worth being fat with such yummylicous dishes
me and mummy take #1
 me and mummy take #2 
 well i am actually writing this in a quite sleepy mood so i could not express love words for mummy anyway, you know i love you right hehe even without those love words =D
after food then went to shop around there and i get this pororo hehe one for me and one for mr tang =D

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