Sunday, August 26, 2012

♥ Pulau Ketam ♥

because we are so fed up with shopping malls so we decide to have a visit to other place instead of those bored malls haha so me and boyfriend decided to pay a visit to Pulau Ketam aka le crab island. haha, the picha above showing le boyfriend's new lover name, xiao tu. hahaha suddenly she had became the main character of the trip as le boyfriend was busy taking picha with her all the while during the trip.
so here our plan.. we decided to go there by public transport.. first we took the ktm from KL Sentral and then off the the very last station which is Pelabuhan Klang.. i think it took us about more than 45 minutes and less than a hour.. after we reach Pelabuhan Klang station, we took a boat to le crab island.. again it took us about another 45 minutes and the boat fare was rm7 per person as this is a very slow boat that is why it cost cheaper =]
this is the place that we pass by when taking the boat
walking to le boat still...
finally reach the boat, now sit down patiently and ready for the ride.. it is a very huge boat =]
but this is seriously not enough for all the passengers if there is anything happen hahaha
i prefer taking this slow boat as i can enjoy the view on all the way to le crab island.. because on the way back we took the fast boat and it is really fast and takes about 10 minutes so all the while me and le boyfriend only sit still on our place and no opportunity to take any picha as it is really superb fast~
we are almost there =D 
food is the only thing on my mind now
hello crab island 
how do you do ?
to be continue........

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