Monday, November 12, 2012

★ bangkok trip, day 1★

welcome to my bangkok trip's post for the beginning of day one..have fun with the pichas =]

061012 - me and my man, get ready to explore for day one.. ignore my pale face lol just wake up and naked face with no make up due to my laziness
the temple in front of our guest house
random picha #2
walking to the train station, just snap anything i see haha
and i will never ever forget my shoe hahaha
random picha #3
random picha #4
and we found the place for our very first meal here
it is just located opposite the train station
happily waiting for my very first tomyum here
my silly man
the friendly boss guiding us the way to our destination, he is so friendly and keep asking us are we fine with the food, do we need tissue etc.. etc.. etc..
random picha #5
my very first tomyum and i dont really like the taste.. when eating this, i just hope all the taste of tomyum in bangkok is not the same so i can get something that suit me..
tangwengchun's fried kuey tiao that taste soooooooooo nice =]
meiji milk that taste kinda nice or i should said very nice? haha just wonder do we have this in malaysia?
and this little black doggie is sleeping inside the 7-11, the people there just don't give a damn, is like something really common for them? they just allow the doggie there for so long and never ever shooo it away.. if malaysian can be so kind to doggie lol i bet they will chase the dog away and hit it with something
ready to go...
to be continue
part one end

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