Monday, November 12, 2012

♔ hui lau shan ♔

Now Hui Lau San is opened at Leisure Mall so we can have it so easily haha too bad im not so into it cause im not a mango lover but mum is~!!!!!! hehehe she gone crazy when she sees MANGO DESSERT.. so this day i accompany her to have some MANGOES..
 the mango feast, come with 3 different sets and it cost about rm12.90.. however it got a very small portion but it taste not bad, lets have a closer look..
 the middle is ice cream and topping is biscuit drops
mango ice cream with some mango bites and coconut flesh
  lastly, lol i forgotten what is this i still remember there are also mango bites inside and some mango jelly and tang yuen
and this coconut milk bird nest haha i think it will taste better if it serve cold, well you can actually choose to have it cold or hot just that me and mum choose to have it hot and we think that is a wrong choice 
 thats all bye bye =D

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