Wednesday, April 13, 2011

♪ The Bee ♪

countinuos of the previous post, 080411 after dinner at Marufuku, Jaya One then off to The BEE, also located at Jaya One for dessert~! obviously tangwengchun wanna make fat me~!!!!!! the dinner haven finish digest or not even start to digest then we straight away go for the next round and the third round suppose to be starbucks *omg* but then cancel already due to some reason =]
the bee
enviroment not bad, can yumcha + blow water there and wifi quite fast *erm can use*

lolll his small little tiny cup caffein
4 flavours =]
i just wanna take pictures of the ice creamSSSS =] horlicks i don't like but he does

french toast he don't like but i do

he likes nutella the most

and i like guinness the most

me and him =]

*love love love*
watched~~! okay okay not bad very nice and funny just that part when the birdie are singing i fall asleep a while BUT the whole movie is not bad and worth watching hehe

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