Monday, April 18, 2011

๑ with 2 siao zha bo ๑

150411, out with 2 distracters.. why distracter? cause the moment when i open my ethics note and just wanted to start to do my revision here they called and ask for yumcha~! tsk tsk tsk *shake head* but then since ethics is such a bored subject so i decided to go out with them
p.s; what this mean?! wear leng leng but don't make up ==

this siao zha bo on the right hand side had cut her hair~!!! but then she wanna give suprise for everyone on the trip so i will not post much of her pictures as she wish.. nah the picture above is not that clear so i think still can maintain your hair mysterious ??? =p

nothing special i just like this picture hahaha

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