Friday, October 10, 2008

bad day

today is a very very bad day for me !!!!!

yesterday sleep kinda late so today when i 1st wake i feel so suffer n dry~ n when i wore my lens it keep drop out cos my eyes too dry edi n in d end it had drop out durin my positive psychology class luckily i did bring my spec along...i promise myslef wil not sleep so late anymore if i do hav early class >.<
well well today is Melina's bday n we r actuali goin to celebrate wit her...n i duno wat the hell n how the hell edison contact wit other n so he told us it is held on 1230 (actuali is on 1400) n ask me n xiao min to giant n bought d party stuff..den he wan 2 little gals (me n min) takin so much heavy stuff n walk bac to Angkasa (party venue)

hell~ 3soft drink, 2sparklin juice n some other party stuff..n we tak boleh tahan so we ask him cum n take d stuff..we take sum also la..n when we got to Angkasa (walkin in a damn hot weather fr giant) nobody is there n so he found out d party is actuali on 1400..pandai giler !!!
guess wat? we hav to take tis heavy stuff walkin bac to giant again to pass it to aric so tat later aric can pass these stuff to other..feel lik cryin so hot n im damn tired..thanks to edison for all of tis..
well not end yet~
min is drivin me bac to ucsi cos i stil got class n edison bac home..on d way tat freakin edison go to play wit min's sterlin while she is drivin..he is crazy !!! so dangerous..i dun tink he noe life is precious~ lame la him..


Xiao Min said...

Yeah ! he's so Lame !

小雨 said...

ya lo >.< sot plug de