Thursday, October 23, 2008


YEN YEN ajak us (me, rok & loomun) to mid valley to watch movie today... and as usual she ffk wakaka no feel use to it jor~ but den we stil goin and i lead rok rok to a wrong way AGAIN luckily tis time he dun wan to trust me~ we watched -disaster movie- very lame yet funny...
den on d way bac home i get to ''drive'' rok's AE86 haha tat make loomun yell out loud !!! is under control n very safe geh cos we noe life is precious unlik SOMEBODY~tats all for today ntg much special hehe

*btw, happy birthday to leng LUI danny o ^^
dai gor LUI lo muz guai guai o~


Xiao Min said...

LOL ...precious life ~~~

小雨 said...

ya unlik ur fren~