Friday, March 27, 2009

formal 的一天

mmm tis sem got alot of presentation.. we hav presentation for OA, film art and also the human comm tat alwaz let us present present and present..
laz sem is better as i juz oni hav to present for the positive psychology~
well another out dated post fr me.. it is at 25 april 09 but im too lazy to update recently and busy with the pupe gal game =p

the me ^^Y
no more kiddie feel rite?
xiao hou & xiao rain
showin me and my 好朋友
they are so in LOVE wit the lecture~
actuali we juz wan to show his face
tats y take pic wit him~
group picture for human comm class~
im havin presentation later on
very excited !!!!!

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