Wednesday, May 25, 2011

♪ The Hans Room ♪

lunch with mummy at the hans room, garden.. the service there is like @#$%^ don't know how to explain aikss.. but the food there is damn nice so if you don't mind the lousy service there, you can have a try =]

glutinous rice with meat and salted egg yolk *yummy*
garlic fried rice with foie gras.. my very first time having foie gras, love the taste =]

thousand layer beancurd, serve cold, looks big only but the portion is quite small actually

deep fried white bait fish with salt and pepper

dim sum, nice

paku vege with sweet and spicy sauce, serve cold too.. very very nice =]

我无聊 ==
smoked potato roll with bacon

imperial har kau

bbq chicken with honey, i like its chinese name cause it sounds funny.. it is called 么么金钱鸡

loh mai kai

this is special, mutton ba kut teh

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