Saturday, April 18, 2009


woke up at 0900am++ feel lik dyin.. rottin in the room again til loomun giv me a call and ask me out to 打球.. dun feel lik goin out but wanna continue rot in the room.. but after persuade by loomun again and again by keep on callin and callin so i went out wit them.. which are loomun, rok and yen !!!
went out to 打球 at somewhere nearby.. feel much more better after tat !!! no regret goin out wit them.. thanks to 3 of YOU !!! especially dearest yen yen thanks for ur advice and everythin,, i can say tat u are very pro ! i wil keep ur words on my mind.. thanks yen yen so so much !!!
feel better now after outin wit them.. 打球 is a very good way to release everythin out..
thanks everyone tat care for me so much !!!
( too many to be listed, wil hav a post later on to thx all one by one )
*a very very soli to danny and ah gil for ffk yesterday nite
they are very kind as they are willin to bring me out yesterday
too bad i ffk.. soli !!!


gal gal's world said...

hehe, then xiao yu hv to treat me eat next week lo. hope can play it with u on the coming sat .. ^^Y .. this time i want loo mun treat me drink . XD... the most mahal i want it !!! GG ~ anything just call us.. me & we will be with u, dun forget ar. girl ~

小雨 said...

treat u yumcha la..''fong sui'' lose to u =p
ya thx so much to u..thx alot gal !!! muakzzzzzzz~

G-I-L said...

huh? u listen to yen advice ah? which yen? that char-siew yen ah? her advice will get u into deep shits and get u killed in the end...dun listent to her so much..

小雨 said...

no la not her la.. another yen =p
dunia ni ada banyak yen geh hehe

G-I-L said...

oh...wateva it is... dun listen to that yen...she's no gud in anythg..

yr apologise is not accepted...FFK-queen...

小雨 said...

haha alright alright listen to u dun listen to her ar..

nex time treat u yumcha bou sou la =p