Wednesday, April 15, 2009

diary for finals

13 april 09, Monday~
first subject of final which is film art.. thanks LEADER for sendin me those notes if not i tink my essay part wil be blank? ntg much to review bout the paper dun tink i wil fail it ba~
after final, went to old town wit darlin min n danny lee kuan tat..
our convo was so down + negative thanks danny for cheerin us up.. he is a GOOD fren.. after he left, me n darlin min continue down + negative til 小方力申 reach, mood 360 celsius changED..
keep our mouth shut afraid tat he wil heard it and tot tat 2 of us were crazy although we are but dun hav to show it out..

14 april 09, Tuesday~
havin the same feelin as yesterday.. dun tink i can answer the question well huh BUT after i saw ice-cream's fren and hav a short convo wit him feel better and actuali givin me strength to answer the questions.. thanks for givin me confident fren of ice-cream!
after exam, headed to audi hall for film art class.. the lecture said if we pass up the survey form she wil giv us extra mark tats why i am there.. soli danny lee kuan tat unable to see ur presentation..

15 april 09, Wednesday~
worse feelin i ever had !!! suffer !!! nvm stil got 1 more subject to go wil be tough to go through it.. i hav to~
so soli to dearest yen yen tat im unable to accompany u for lunch
i hav learn not to see and not to noe bcos when u noe less u wil feel much more better..i hav to do so to safe my heart.. i reli dun wanna noe hope tat im able to control my hand !
不知道为什么他会酱,可能他觉得很爽吧~无所谓, 我只是个人物, 一点都不重要!!!

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