Thursday, April 23, 2009


huh~ exam finally cum to an end and im finally able to say MY HOLIDAY HAD STARTED !!! waited for so long edi~~~ suffer alot =p
bout my human comm paper, hard til i got no words to say.. make me wanna vomit blood~ BUT i wont fail it for sure ^^
so after my exam, went out wit bi ying, Ee, sherry our tour guide and xiao hou~
sherry brough us to central market as we nvr been there b4.. omg~ i hav been stay at K.L for 19 years yet i hav not been to central market b4 >.<>
soli gals for leavin so early as i hav my second round >.<

while waitin for the lrt~
Ee~~~ ur head cover sherry's head edi !!!
the shopaholic hehehe~
xiao hou wit the funny hat

little rain at chinese straits =p
soli for so little details !!!
a rushin post of mine as im damn busy rite now
but feel wanna blog so blog in a busy situation
i noe i shall blog it when im free but i juz cant wait to do so

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