Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a historical day

guess wat?
today i study in tis thingy
so so so syok as it is keep shaking
shake til u faint
my first time study there
wat a historical day rite
i duno wat u wan hehe
we have got a sudden "test" in tat thingy
see we are so hardworkin studyin for the sudden "test"
me at the left
and saix at the right
later on went to disturd Ee, darlin min, sui lin and
tis liar's class~
tis liar said if we do hav chance to meet at uni she wil treat me for lunch
cos is been a long time since the laz time we meet each other
BUT when she saw me in the class she runaway bubu~~~
she dare not to face me den
cos she feel so guilty
liar = micky wong hui ting
i wan my lunch~~~~~


micky said...

where got runaway from you ?
hahas ..aduii,,i dun wan be famous in your blog ><

小雨 said...

got lo run til so faz ish
ya la i wanna promote u hehe

Micky said...

aiyak ..eu see wrongly ^^
wuwuwuwu ...T_T
i dun wan arhx ~lalalala

yennching said...

wah..does tat container shake while u're inside?
nt yet studied at there b4....seems like the container lorry outside...
hav a nice day oh!!

小雨 said...

micky ^^
i wan my lunch ar

yenn ching ^^
u step harder insede there den shake edi =.=
so sick wit it la