Friday, May 22, 2009

my friday~~~

today havin our psychology extra class in tis thingy again
feel so sick wit it
shake til i feel so damn dizzy =.=
and feel kinda unstable when i get out from it
after DONE everythin i shall do
den accompany mummy to KLCC~
im such a good gal to accompany mummy to shop hehe ^^Y
SS a while first while mummy is tryin sumthin
i forget which shop's fittin room im in =p
den hav our dinner at little penang
my coconut
mummy's lime juice
my dinner
gosh i eat too much recently and im gettin more and more fat !!!
wuwuwu~ i dun wan T^T
BUT nvm 人生没几个十年
hehe so juz eat oni dun care
mummy's dinner
my lovely mummy
the one tat sayang me most
she is the bestest of the bestest
love u much much~~~
snacks i bought
specially promote to u~
Royce chocolate
nice til u melt~~~
so damn yummy
and my faves panda biscuit tat make me feel damn happy after havin it
also bought tis cute cute file
cute right ??? hehe
also tis Nike tee~
thank you mummy hehe
me me me~~~
b4 outin
tis is my blog
my page
SO i cant SS as much as i can ^^
boon kiat dun complain tat i SS too much here !
can my face stay in tis shape alwaz ???
i wish it wont goes chubby lik the old times
BUT recently i reli eat too much
ooo~~~ *worryin*


钉钉Jek said...

no see few weeks like leng jor like tat :P
dun eat so much lo muahaha later becum fat ! :P

Sean said...

wei apa ni =.=
nasib ppl wont know this is me