Monday, May 18, 2009

little rain is here~~~

seems lik everyone is askin for rain rain rain~~~
little rain is here, lookin for me ?
ok i noe is not funny >,<
havin doubt where did i took tis picture?
hehe figure it urself =p
yes i cut my hair again
jia wai said : dun change ur hair style again plz~~~
[he cant regconise me today]
actually stil look da same
OMG !!!
living psychology hav to tudy brain stuff ???
can i say again ???
when can i get rid of those biology stuff ???
hav to study neutro as well
and those neutrotransmitter
i tot i hav edi say bye bye to biology ?
we shall say bye bye to 唱 K now instead of biology ^[T^T]^

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