Friday, April 9, 2010

encouter with physiology~

story in the morning~!
purposely went back to UCSI early in the morning to pass up the assignment and been fool by LLK early in the morning == *by the way, sei yeh you make me laugh out loud in the morning yeaahhh distress distress*
after fooling me she feel damn high and she want to continue the fun so 2 of us sitting in the library waiting for the next target and we saw Hiong Kuuu~! haha then end up making a lot of noise in the library.. aikss sound pollution we are ==
after finish fooling around then she wanna go home so i went out from UCSI to print my assignment.. yeaaa i print it last minute, 赢完了咯~ on the way then saw DEAR 大哥 on his way to final exam.. the way he look at me is full of doubt i think he thought that it was not me because all the class had come to an end and i got no exam today, then till i said; 是我是我,真的是我, 你没有认错人拉~!!!
after pass up the assignment then went to mcD to meet with psycho babes [ abby. cai cai, goldfish, xiao hou + yong sim ] laugh laugh, gossip gossip, chat chat again distress distress there~!
actually i just feel uneasy and did not really feel that stress till i meet with yong sim and she actually told me a bad news ever~! she said that the physiology final on Monday, we have to study for Parkinson, Autism, Anxiety, Alzheimer as well~!!! i was like omgggggg~! why ? because that shortie did not even each us on this topic but then she actually put all this into the final exam ??? whats wrong with her ???
what to do then, go back and study 99~! let me tell you the way the shortie teach us during class.. the way she teach us can be explain in the term of smart tag.. why ?? cause she did not even touch then she go for other part.. get what i mean ??? think how people use smart tag.. never touch then go.. i mean she did not even touch on the topic and then skip and then assume that she already explain everything [*0*]
luckily i have got a 打不死的精神~!!! yeaaa add oil little rain ^^

evidence on how much we hate physiology haha~! once i log into Facebook, this is what i found at my homepage =p
add oil everyone~!!!



walao~~the whole wide world knows alrd lo!! AHAHA...

miamihero said...

hahaha it's fun to be guardian angel ok! we shall do it again xD

小雨 said...

abby noe wat ???

mimi ngo dei hai mou chu but joiiii lame haha

G-I-L said...

Physio nice eh... its fundamental... not only doctors need to learn..but its really nice to understand how a human body works n behave... I HEART PHYSIO. the only subject got NOTHING TO MEMORIZE 1 in my course.. ^^.. jiayou!!!