Monday, April 12, 2010

Let's Celebrate ☀

yeeepiii ☀ guess what ??? i am free now yooo~! very very free from the eye eye ear ear brain brain nerve nerve cell cell axon axon neuron and every biology thingy yeeeeeee~! those things really drive me crazy, i could not sleep well, eat well and play well with it~!! but now it has finally come to an end let's celebrate~!!!
after the physiology final today, went to mcD as request by my dear cousin Shirley together with Cai Cai, Goldfish, Saix + Yong Sim.. distress distress, chat chat and laugh laugh then off to a pan mee restaurant, 红林 that nearby my place for dinner..
laugh alot there as we keep on telling cold jokes and lame stuff.. yooooo i wanna go shopping + have something nice to eat ☀

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38 red said...

38 rain u finish exam dy?