Thursday, April 8, 2010

Updates ♥

is currently watching 鐵馬尋橋~!! actually at first i watch it because of 楊怡.. i never expect that this drama will be nice as it give me a kinda bored feel but when i continue watching it, i found that it is quite interesting~! nice nice nice and i just could not stop myself from watching it..
some more the relationship between those sibling is very touching too~! nice~! got some of the feeling of 家好月圆.. and guess what? i also found out that actually 郑嘉颖 is quite attractive huh haha sorry that i found it out that late as my eyes can only see 林峯 via TVB =p

ooo idol + idol ???
♥ is Juztin + Eason yoooooooo~! ♥
by the way, stop saying i 花心 already, i am just being supportive okay??? furthermore i can categorize each of them into different category, i know i am being childish here but i just wanna clarify it as there is the someone saying that i have got too much idol and very 花心? not really~!
first of all Eason~! the best of the best, my super number one idol that no one else can replace his position~! love him because of his songs~!
then 林峯 super super in love with him, love him then only pay attention on his songs then only realize he can sing very very well~!!
刘界辉, hope of malaysia haha okay actually i start to pay attention on him after i get to know that his idol is Eason hahaha since we share the same idol then i start to support him during ASQ and found out that he sang mostly Eason's songs woohooo~! alright i like the way he sings
[ order according to my liking rate ]
and lastly update about the self.. huh recently the weather is so damn hot~! seriously i nearly hot till faint == huh.. well final exam is on next week~!!! i am ready yeaaaa~!!! alright again i am not showing off that i have ready or what.. even though i have ready with it but i got no confident towards it at all.. i mean physiology T^T~ for your information i am not doing well with biology and physiology is all about biology that equip with all those brain brain nerve nerve eye eye ear ear cell cell... ooo faint T^T.. this is the only final exam i worry muchie muchie~!

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