Thursday, April 1, 2010

唱K ♪

went to 唱K with 三好, Galvin and Pooi Mun on 31 March 2010 after my 2pm class.. meet up with them at Jusco, Balakong's Greenbox about 3pm++
actually i am having huge phobia on 唱K haha and they are helping me to get rid of the phobia.. lame haha ==
have lotsa fun and joy there~! ♪♪♪

♪ us ♪♪ yeahhhh
♪ this uncle play till do not want to go home
♪ and he get number 1
♪ his blue car
♪ while waiting for him to finish his game, we go SS
♪ enjoy 唱K with you girls ♪
♪ lets go again next time ^^
♪ never ending SS
♪ alright we may go home now
little rain enjoys the outing very muchieeee
thanks for inviting ^^

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