Sunday, April 4, 2010

HapPy BiR+HdAy tO Hi0nG KuUU ✿

is my dearest leng leng Hiong Kuu's big day on 3 April 2010 but PSYMASSLO choose to celebrate with her on 1 April 2010 as we wanted to keep the actual day for her to celebrate with her HIM hehe..
went to Soho KL for alcohol since she love alcohol so much yet too bad we have choose a wrong place.. we went into a cafe that do not really serve alcohol and going to close very soon so we decided to go for next round for alcohol after the cafe close..
it suppose to be a surprise for her.. we plan so much for this surprise yet it is been ruin by the waiter there.. lame ==
anyway, wish you enjoy on that day.. PSYMASSLO wish you happy 21st birthday~!
my leng leng Hiong Kuu and also my left leg ✿
wish you stay pretty and sok always
sweet sweet forever with your HIM
earn much much money
and free from stress~!
Little Rain enjoy spending every Wednesday with you~!
✿美到爆的 Hiong Kuu ✿
✿ natural beauty ✿
this aunty keeps on complain that she got no make up yet she does not know that she still looks nice and pretty even though she did not put on any make up
✿the girls ✿
✿we love Hiong Kuu very very much✿
the attenders :大哥, Cemone, Fishy, Hiong Kuu, Little Rain, Miamy, San, Wen Yee and Xiao Hou
could not believe my camera can capture such things? haha please believe it~!
next round, off to Opera as request by the birthday girl seriously we really did not plan to go for goyang at all.. is really really a sudden plan [ can see from what we are wearing, very very simple with no intention of going to goyang at all ] due to no alcohol at the cafe.. harlo we went there just for alcohol yet it do not serve us with what we want so what can we do? next round to distress yooo~!
and this time i can get in easily with no obstacles at all haha.. people that waiting inside was like; ooo you can come in, you did not been block =p
✿Mimi my right leg ✿
✿Mimi + me + San ✿
✿with my dearest kakiSS
✿back home on 0333am, nice timing right? ✿


miamihero said...

wei ur new 'kaki' pic on your sidebar very chio lo. HAHHA

lingsiang said...

a moi~~ i love u too n as well as psymasslo... u guys reali made me smile always... how,ya??? im goin love u guys deeply!!!! :)