Wednesday, March 31, 2010

photo shooting ღ

is wednesday and again little rain and hiong kuu do have long long break from 0930am to 1230pm.. so hiong kuu decide to go to Bandar Tun Razak's garden to have photo shooting for her assignment together with Bel, Sei LLK and Wei Wei~!
after hiong kuu finish her part, we [ me + hiong kuu + mimi ] sit at aside while waiting for Bel and Wei Wei.. then we have some girl talk since mimi is so keen to 谈心事 so we fulfill what she want =p
opps just found out all of us facing the same problem, so sad~!
might be sitting under the sun too long so me and hiong kuu feel so not well on the way back to UCSI, she feel like wanna vomit and my head pain till like gonna explode huh~!
after class then receive a text from 三好 asking me to go for 唱K haha for sure i on~! will post bout it soon~!!

ღ the garden ღ
ღ ant-Z
ღ little rain
ღ with Sei LLK
oiiiii can you stop mentioning i got no brain~!!!
you are the one that got no brain
ღ us
my dear kakiSS yoooooo~!


miamihero said...

ahem please lo. I think ur brain really got prob liao. say i no brain! cehhh dont wana be ur leg d. haha

小雨 said...

nooooooo u dun be my kaki i cant walk wit 1 kaki