Friday, November 14, 2008


arghhhh~ feel so 痛苦~ recently duno wat happen wit my stomach tat LOVE to pain without reason.. reli do pain without reason~ juz feel pain whenever i eat or even i drink water i feel pain~ ish i tink there is sumthin in there tat make me feel so haha lame~ wish myself get well SOON !!!
and today i nearly die cos i cross d road without lookin is there any cars, juz walk straight ( and actuali there is a car cumin ) luckily xiao hou safe me =p
after tat she keep say dangerous but den i was blurrin~ duno wat happen =p
i tink tis ''blur illness'' jangkit by bagehlo as she did the same thing laz week
thanks xiao hou if not i tink i die jor ba =p
and thanks reagan for fetchin me today ^^
lastly i wanna said tat i had spoil my hair haha i cut it on my own cos reli beh tahan le but after cut it i feel it looks kinda cacat..but Ee n xiao hou said very cute ^^Y
opps nearly 4get wat i promise

loohuaiqing~ very very soli
for makin u feel so ''fish'' actuali i do feel d same

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