Thursday, November 20, 2008

nex semester

aiyoyo nex semester's timetable very luan lo very dun lik lo but den nvm la hope the timetable wil change again lik this semester hahaha~ i juz love to lie to myself =p
den nex semester cant alwaz meet Ee and Mimi cos we oni got 1 same class so sad la~ (truly fr my heart geh not pretendin tis time haha) dun worry i wil alwaz miss 2 of u geh ^^
btw, Mimi i hate ur fren la !!! not the 1st time he did tis kind of stuff edi i reli beh tahan him lo~ so i try my best not to entertain him but den he juz cant keep his mouth shut..benci la !!! k dun wanna talk bout tis edi ruin my mood la reli do ruin my mood..ish HATE HIM more than i can say !!! **** !!!
and again dun ever let him to sit near me or else he wil die in a horrific way i promise !!!
*is mummy's bday ^^ wil update later when i bac home and oni if i got mood at tat moment =p


Xiao Min said...

Haha! haiz, one sub same only ah...
So sad! too bad,
He really bad lor... Big mouth...
Next time shut a rock inside his mouth, see he still can talk or not!
wish ur Mum happy happy Birthday !

HoneyMilk^^ said...

Woo...Hapi burday 2 ur mom..haha...
btw desmondlaw ad view my blog n he said my blog so nice..haha..bout d problem n giv solution to them...haha...thn he said will show his fren...another details i will let u noe nex time..haha..kenot said at here..haha

小雨 said...

mimi ^^
i will miss u de!!!
enjoy gossip-ing wit u all d times haha
tat guy =.= stupid la
thanks for ur wish

Cherrie LGZ ^^
desmond alwaz agree geh
he noe wat happen
n afraid d bf noe edi both of us wil die in a horrific way~