Wednesday, November 5, 2008


wan to curly my hair lik theresa >>>> nice ba?but i wont dye it i LOVE my black colour hair ^^
but hav to wait til nex year cos now my hair stil consider as quite short =.=
actuali if i din cut it durin september i tink i can curly it now... i duno wat happen wit me durin september (ng chi sao jor meh chi gik & fat meh din) til i go cut til so short haiz quite regret now cos i wanna curly it asap haha but den luckily i din cut it as short as hebe ^^ did tink b4 but at laz din cut cos they say dun suit me cos my face very chubby =,= so now oni thing i can do is wait wait wait & wait 讨厌!
another thing tat i feel regret is my nails !!!! again i duno wat happen wit me tat day til i cut it all short short if not den i can do sumthin wit it at snips durin cny.. now too short edi not nice =p


Xiao Min said...

haha .... u MISS somebody ....

小雨 said...

i miss hu?