Thursday, November 6, 2008

break record

i break my record yesterday or i should say today? blur~ no idea~ guess wat? i juz sleep for half an hour yesterday... ya i fall asleep at 6.30am n den wake at 7am..geng leh? i was thinkin tat i wil not attend d CS class today cos i afraid tat i will feel suffer but den when d alarm rang at 7am i wake up n got no feelin so i decided to go to coll =p
well i feel very tired n no energy.. so i tot when i bac home i wil sleep lik a dead pig but i juz i cant fall asleep !!!!! wth~ feel so suffer as im very very damn tired rite now but i juz cant fall asleep.. help!!!!
and i hate tis feelin so much cos whenever i got not enuf sleep i wil feel very dry~ i keep forcin myself to sleep but fail haiz wat to do now? no idea~ and i can feel tat my skin very very dry~ hatezzz
KOK SUI LIN say wanna talk bad stuff bout somebody but i tink rasionally actuali is not his fault juz d sub prob (or actuali he duno how to explain? or im too stupid til i cant get him?) so i wil lik to say im goin to fail my CS mid term for sure~ i noe ntg bout d flow chart n i noe ntg bout d c+++ so? wait die ba!
he said use common sense well well how if i dun hav? ya i dun hav common sense.. i wonder if i wil get an egg for d mid term.. huh huh haiz.. findin ppl to rescue me~
*btw thanks mimi for ur gift ^^ tis is d oni thing tat make me feel happy today..wil post it to pupe gal later~ again thank you very much

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