Monday, February 16, 2009

craps fr me

feel kinda bored now means tat i reli can craps alot at tis moment, ya things tat im goin to type wil be all craps dun hav to read if u dun feel to do so as i reli do crapin now~
i wonder y the weather is so damn hot recently tat make me swt alot and im edi bath for the 3rd times today cos i reli cant bear wit it, is hot~ make me headache~
i HATESSS those lame ppl tat r actuali grabbin n fighthin oxygen wit us~ my darling, Min noe hu am i actuali talkin about as when im emo or she is emo i wil say these word to her haha.. i tink i should sleep now rather than crappin alot here yet im unable to do so as im not tat sleepy i tink is bcos i've got enuf sleep? but if i dun sleep now well tomolo i wil emo again.. shitsss i said~
yeah i reli do enjoy typin craps here.. why my bloggie suddenly bcum a place for me to place all my craps? i got no idea~ and i dun tink there is anyone tat wil read tis post? izit? tel me if u do read tis post i wil appreciate ur support haha~
i duno wat to crap edi, is 0050 am now~ i tink after i finish crap i can go to bed? yet i feel tat stil i got lots of stuff to crap~ ooo yeah~ when im blankin and crappin here, well i saw my kisiao fren tat lik to crap as well on9 edi, ya is time for me to stop crappin here cos i wanna go and kacau him b4 i went to bed =p

one of my beloved toy had killed by my doggie,poor thing.. can u see the eye? missin 1 edi haiz

this is the murderer.. misty !!! how can u kill it? well my doggie tinks tat the toy had bcum its property, noe why? after it got killed by my doggie well i place it ON the table in my room but den few minutes later the murderer went into my room again and bring the toy down n continue killing (biting) it again.. how dare u ?! did i said i giv it to u? well though u kill my beloved toy yet i stil very sayang u, my mummy said i very manja it as i din punish it after it killing ( biting ) my toy~ i juz keep shakin its body askin how can she kill my beloved toy~ and it is very cute lyin down and pretend innocent tis is the oni thing she noe when she feel guity, hmrp~ tomolo i wil shake u again be careful my doggie~


孤单的小恶魔 said...

LoL ur dog rape ur doll?

小雨 said...

gal ah gal
y dun u read properly?
is kill not rape la aiyo~
go find ur gf xiao bai~ wakaka

孤单的小恶魔 said...

lol watch ur word if not then... ahem liao...
u know la i mad de

That's One Law said...

Wah! Author why don't you censor? Whaha! Kidding!

I read your crap! LOL! So support you! (because I also bored and KEH PO CHI!) LOL!

You dog? So cute! Innocent like BOLT? That's great!

小雨 said...

danny ^^
i noe ah gal very ''dai fong'' geh rite?

desmond ^^
hehe thanks for supportin ar, ya la my dog cute hor hehe..