Friday, February 6, 2009

stupid OA + stupid little me

was doin the OA stuff few hours ago~ do it fr 2200pm ++ til now almost 0100am~ long rite? cos im a real 电脑白痴~ i reli duno wat to do and how to do tats why it take a long long time for me to done it.. huh~ when im doin it, reli feel very pissed off and lead me to throw temper to my parents.. im very very soli~ i noe im mean when i talk wit them haiz~ recently my mood reli not good i duno why BUT i juz lik to throw temper wit juz very tiny matter..
feel so soli to mummy, as she is the one tat hav to bear wit my temper most haiz.. i noe is my fault and should not put the blame on her and complain so much *eventhough i hate ppl rush me to do sumthin..i noe she is very very busy yet she stil hav to ''serve'' me, again i feel very soli..she reli do care me alot, i should appreciate it and make less very very terrible bad, i should learn not to throw temper tat much..soli mummy for everythin tat happen today >,<
well went out wit cherrie LGZ on 05/02/09.. went to pavilion to watch movie, All Well Ends Well 2009, finally i watched it after hearin everyone said tat it is nice i noe im out dated as the movie had shown for kinda long? but better than Rok i bet he stil haven watch haha~ i noe im bad =p
bac to d topic, walk a while while there yet found ntg we could get so we headed to mid valley for shopping and we hav bought some girly stuff..
Cherrie LGZ nex time muz fetch me bac home hehe, today i nearly faint in the crowded bus OMG~ those ppl there keep pushin pushin pushin, im not stable at all and i nearly fall, i keep bang at a box in the bus i duno wat box it is, a metal box and everytime i bang at it, ppl around lik lookin at me or im too sensetive? cos it is reli kinda loud, i cant help it im not stable !!! shame on myself huh~ increasin my moody level~
*im reli not in a good mood ! im not well, plz stay away fr me for ur own safety..

i tot im a 路痴 yet who knows tat she is worse than me,
guess wat?
we get lost on our way to Pavilion, laugh~
*showin my driver, cherrie LGZ
edvidence tat we r lost
we went to bank negara malaysia =,=lll

finally, we reach-ED
cherrie + me in da toilet
b4 enterin PDI ?
today din reli get the chance to take pictures lik what we usually do
we spent most of our time in d car =,=

fill up our tummy at sushi king
b4 we start our shopping at mid valley~


HoneyMilk^^ said...

aiyo~~realy soli bout it...haha...soli~~mafan ur mom n let ur mom scold u...pai she la aunty~~

That's One Law said...

What car is she driving? I saw Proton steering wo...

Why you long time didn't online? I wanted to chat wit u la! Always waiting for you to online!