Monday, February 23, 2009

enjoy eatin

omg i have said tat i wanna keep fit after CNY rite? but i fail to do so.. recently i reli do eat alot~ i have try my best of the best to control myself not to eat so much yet it does not work.. im stil eatin alot! Cherrie LGZ teasin me edi sayin tat im a fat girl T^T cos everytime i chat wit her til half way i feel hungry den i go eat eat eat and eat~ nooooo~ im gettin more and more fat..
i wil not emo emo anymore cos i made alot of ppl worryin omg~ therefore i wil control not to be emo emo but happy happy haha~ sometimes my reaction reli wil make ppl feel tat i got sumthin wrong eventhough i dun hav =p
thanks everyone for carin me so much, do appreciate it ^^

my pupe gal LOVE shoppin as well
she is ready to shop
love my pupe gal dressin
looks nice rite?
now miki is playin wit me hehe


That's One Law said...

You're PSYCHO! LOL! That's call LONELY I guess? I felt that you want people to care for you... Time to find a boy boy to care for you la...


小雨 said...

oi dun simply say ar~