Sunday, February 15, 2009

happy happy day

feel very happy today.. duno why, i tink is bcos i got enuf sleep? hehe feel so happy for the whole day and so far not yet EMO once =p
so today went to Jusco, Maluri wit mummy to hav our lunch at kim gary~ later we went to watch movie, Look For A Star at Leisure Mall.. the movie is not nice at all ( for me ), quite bored and make me keep yawnin.. a no point love story~ after tat shops a while while and get somethin~
den bac home prepare for my second round, outing wit Tracy & someone hehe cant state his name here cos he FFK at last =p
therefore i dun wanna mencemarkan his name, tell me im good hehe.. ok so at laz we din go cos he ffk, his reason to ffk, lazy to go out, i LOVE the reason u giv and i accept it as im very lazy to go out as well haha~

mummy's lunch
spanish seafood fried rice

my lunch~
sandwich + fries
i promise to keep after CNY, so now is time for me to keep hehe
tats why i dun eat much =p
and my faves fr kim gary~
actuali all these ice blended stuff fr kim gary is my faves ^^
tickets for 2 ^^

the girly stuff i bought fr Elianto
nail polish + mascara
for ur info, im Elianto's fans hehe

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