Monday, February 16, 2009

outing wit Rok & Yen

while im havin my sweet sweet dream tis mornin, well guess wat? im dreamin of MY 林峰~ kk bac to the story, well when im havin tis sweet sweet dream Rok wake me up~ askin me to go leisure mall's sushi king for lunch and the bill is on him.. so i went there after i dressin up~ hope to continue tis sweet dream tonite hahaha~
reach there kinda early as Rok the boss and Yen Yen haven arrive yet.. suddenly i saw a 傻婆 tat looks familiar~ she laugh alot and looks very high~ no wonder so high bcos she is wit her bf haha~ she is my darling, Min..den go disturd them a while as Rok and Yen Yen haven arrive yet..
after finish my lunch wit Rok and Yen Yen at leisure mall, we headed to Jusco, Balakong's Starbucks.. haha leisure mall also got Starbucks rite? ya~ we purposely went Jusco to waste petrol =p

my darling tat looks very very happy and sweet today~
darling and the bf~
she look happy~
and she goes high wit her foods as well hohoho~
*feel tat darling wanna chop me into pieces =p
tis is our driver of the day~
yen yen ^^
ya Rok can retire edi
yen yen non stop eatin
Rok the boss is worryin the bill =p
*thanks for the lunch Rok ^^

we off to starbucks den..
our drinks~
saw my 师兄 there
he is alone, purposely go there to on9?
go bac to on la~
mr. lonely haha~
burnin our time by chit-chatin n gossipin there =p
boss feel very hot therefore he goes hug his drinks~
and im very yong sui today therefore i dun wanna post any of my yong sui pictures~


孤单的小恶魔 said...

wa = = that 1 sitting alone who lai de?

小雨 said...

you la haha