Thursday, June 11, 2009

such an idiot

hav found out sumthin clearly juz now... while readin i got no idea why my hands will giggle so much... heartbeat increase, bloodflow slow down cant even breath smoothly.. mayb bcos im foundin out the truth ? the truth tat i wanted to noe so much... tis is actually a very very small small world, everyone is linked wit each other SO it is not hard for me to noe IF u reli did it ! and u reli did it therefore i noe it NOW..
im lik an idiot since tat day for keep blamin myself for not being good hahaha... yes im such an idiot, even now im stil an idiot for not believin wat i hav read on my OWN eyes.. im stil findin reason and persuade myself for not believin it, no doubt tat im an idiot rite? yes im such an idiot ! i admit it ! what the fuck im actually doin rite now ? u noe wat ? when im typin tis i actually do keep tellin myself it is not true.. GOOD ! arghhhhhhh my brain juz cant accept tat it is actually the truth !
congrats Janize, u r totally a 100% idiot now !

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