Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CNY Reunion

have our PSYMASSLO Chinese New Year Reunion today at Secret Recipe.. hehe yea we have our CNY Reunion just because we are all like family of each other ^^Y
well well i admit i ate alot today well never mind is okay for me cause is CNY~!!! lets forget about keep fit now hehe start thinking that after CNY pass~!!!
huray~!! CNY is around the corner~!!! looking forward with it ^^

♪ sister abby and my cousin
SS before the reunion
♪ little rain + sister abby
she force me wear red red
i text her and ask : can i wear black ???
and she replied : NOOO~!
haha i keep on think and think and think do i have any red colour outfit ??? think till head explode then suddenly this red thingy pop on my mind~! cause today we do have dress code as well and dress code for today is wear anything bright like : purple, red, blue, yellow or orange.. just forget about black and white which i have most =p
♪ with my dearest cousin
♪ the ugly me
♪ while waiting for others to wake up
gather at block C and SS more and more while waiting haha~! well abby and little rain had become alarm clock of the day as we keep on waking up people *in case they are able to wake up that early as all of them are night ghost*
if you have wake up do reply our messages or else your phone will be spam 99 like xiao hou's hahaha~!!!

♪ acting pro with baby wei wei's semi pro
♪ on our way to meet with the others
♪ are we colourful ???

♪ the foodsss

♪ end with the yummy foods

♪ yeeepi
♪ with san's favourite pose
♪ the girls
♪ mimi + ah hou + little rain
people reunion he study for midterm
♪ us
♪ saw szeqiuan on the way for the next class
omg~!!! you are soooooooooo yeng~!
and and and i miss u very very muchie~!!!

please join our activity more~!!!

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