Friday, February 5, 2010


movie with MC on 3 Feb 2010, Wednesday at Leisure Mall, Cheras.. after movie went to night market to have a walk and have our dinner as well..

story about when God loses faith towards human then he start sending his legion to of angels to bring on the Apocalypse.
is something like those zombie movie, when a group of people got stuck at somewhere and the got killed 1 by 1.
well kinda gross movie ==
is this movie nice ??? not really that nice for me.. so if you are thinking wanna watch this movie well better choose another 1~
☺ our dinner ☺
is those korean kimchii noodles
spicy die meeeeeeeeee~!!
i don't know it is sooooo spicy till i eat it =p
hehe this is nice..
cold kimchii noodles
back home about 2300pm ++
and slept like a dead pig
in this picture~
kit kat become the main character already

haha funny~!

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Must be happy ya~