Saturday, February 20, 2010

continue with cny journey

3rd day of CNY, 16 Feb 2010, Tuesday
lets continue with something that have not end.. well because the previous post got some error and i felt kinda lazy to continue writing and kinda piss off with the error that happen at the previous post there.. as you can see i did not really talk much there.. so lets continue my CNY journey at a new post here ^^
well well 3rd day of CNY, went to mid valley wit family then off to Thean Hou Gong then back home rest a very while and have our dinner then off to daddy's friend place for visit..
after daddy's friend's place well off to my dearest best bro, Danny's place~!!! yeeepiii..

i love this game alot~!!
BIG fish small fish haha
it is fun~!!!
Domo loves ice cream
oooo Dei~! we forget introduce Domo with Deviruchi~!!!
alright this picture is actually for Sheeken that unable to come on that day
ah gor sleepy already~
tsk tsk tsk~

5th day of CNY, 18 Feb 2010, Thursday
woooo everyone come to boom my house today hahaha~! again having lotsa fun to have them with me... open 3 table for gamble and 1 table for alcohol in the garden.. nice nice enjoy much on that day.. thanks everyone for coming ^^
and finally i won money today~! yeaahhh FINALLY after lose so much =p
♡ aduiiii
♡ thanks Yuen for your cooperation
♡ thanks Galvin for your cooperation
we have games there at the gardens because we are not gambler~!!!
♡ and someone drunk already
jimuiSSS of mine
keep on talk with my mummy while asking him to take picture with me.. see he is not looking at the camera~!!
♡ rok + little rain
♡ MC + little rain
♡ Jenyih + little rain
♡ my best best best best best bro~!
♡ kiss kiss
♡ funny funny
♡ guess what are them doing
♡ hohoho win win win
from left, SCC's, Jin + mine, Rok's
he said cannot believe that he will do such stupid pose
♡ friend of 10 years ???
♡ Esmund + little rain
♡ harlo nice to meet you
Sheeken, Esmund and Jenyih bring him along
actually i have forget your name~!!! sorry
♡ best bro of mine
♡ how come you so short ???
♡ another best best best bro of mind~!
♡ with the one that owe me mcD
♡ hahaha what a nice pose
♡ Edmund my old pal
♡ friend for 12 years ???
♡ attenders : calvin, chin chea, danny, edmund, esmund, galvin, gilbert, ives, jay, jenyih, jin, mc, rok, sam sam, sean, sheeken, yen, yuen and 2 white crash Nobita and 1 more i really cannot remember i just know you guys keep call him wilber pan ==
♡ rawwww
tiger year huat arrrr


miamihero said...

Oh God. Little Rain has got bangs now. hahaha. btw, never invite me pun!

小雨 said...

wat bangs ??? alahhhh i ada invite lu la lu sendiri tak bagi muka jeee