Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to Jay ♡→ܫ←♡

celebrate Jay birthday on 7 Feb 2010, Sunday.. it suppose to be a surprise for him BUT too bad all of us fail~! aiksss i know i know i am not a good organiser.. and it is hard to be one~! but nevermind it is still okay as long as all of us do have lotsa fun, right ?
so people that attend are Little Rain [ me me me ], Sam, Tracy,Rok and Yuen
we went to 2 different places that day, first at Wong Kok Cafe via Leisure Mall then off to Mid Vally for movie and shopping~!

♡ happy 20th birthday to you ♡
haha old already~!!!
don't scratch your head already
i know it is not enough surprise for you~!
you seldom can see him smile till so wide
appreciate it~!
wish you are happy for what we did for you on that day =p
♡ cutting the cake ♡
♡ decorate the cake in other way
haha saw the candle ???
that is a must~!
bite it out with your mouth haha
细心的乐乐 afraid that the cream will ruin his nice hair
♡ bite it out~!!!
♡ giant milk tea
♡ best wishes from all of us
有人迟到没跟giant milk tea拍到
♡ little rain + cute cute
♡ 男人男人
♡ group picture ???
not really group picture cause someone is not here yet~!!!
♡ pure and complete group picture with everyone in
♡ off to midvalley then ♡
♡ movie for 6
this is fun to play with.. we tear out all the tickets and pick it without knowing who is the one sitting next to us till we went into the cinema and settle down..
♡ do not know who and who
♡ SS while waiting for sam sam to withdraw money
♡ SS in the toilet
♡ 6 of us
♡ Black Ransom
*watched *
a story about an ex policeman that feel the world is being unfair when all those bad people that been caught by the policemen using money to set themselves free.. so he decided to punish them one by one..
kinda nice story and it is so damn worth watching~! honestly i am very in love with this kind of story~! Michael Miu eventhough he is very old already but still he is very attractive.. ooooo~! worth to have a try on this movie

♡ bored look
girls went shopping after movie and 2 of them are so pity~!
do nothing but sitting outside the shop to wait for us
♡ girls
ooo i am the shortest again ==
♡ 女人女人
♡ smelly faces
♡ my dearest friends
♡ SS everywhere
♡ yeah
♡ lets have breakfast together hahaha~!
♡ thinking where to go next
♡ ooo what is that up there ???
our love is under the sky

♡ at Boulevard
♡ yeepiii
♡ those guys just do not wanna join us
♡ huggies
♡ enjoy the wind blowing at other side till they been force to join us hehe ♡
♡ take one
love this picture alot~!
♡ counting from 1 to 6
♡ being rude, showing middle finger
♡ yeah we are mass comm people
♡ on the way back
his 爱人 just cannot stop calling him ==
haha showing the brand new handfree invent by Yuen~!

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