Friday, February 5, 2010

UCSI's management sucks~!

UCSI's management sucks.. really sucks alot~! come let me inform you how sucks it is.. there is a class called sociology that contain 100+ students but the stupid people from the management only give us a class that can only fit 50 students.. so how ? we do not have class for every Friday morning and have to walk here and there for a class that can fit all of us~!
sucks ? yea it is.. if it does not have class to fit all of us then why keep on approve student on this course ? all i can said is there are something wrong with their brain.. maybe their neurotransmitter is not functioning well..
and now do you think it is our problem or theirs ? we are consumer ok ? we pay for it and i think we got the right to choose what we want which is a BIG class to fit all of us but Sarah the bitch yea again she appear and split our class into 2 which is 0800am to 1100 am and another is on 1530pm to 1830pm.. wtf~! if she gonna throw me to 1530pm to 1830pm class i think this is end of my life ? wakaka~! damn her~! Sarah please do fuck off from our sight~!!!
guess what lame solution they gave us in the begining~!
1st : have class from 1300pm to 1600pm on Saturday [ sorry that shuttle bus only operate until 1300pm, so this solution is been rejected, brainless Sarah ]
2nd : ALL of us drop the course and add it again next semester [ then we have to pay penalty of rm 100 for dropping this course because the period of dropping course is already passed~! and again Sarah got no brain ]
pictures below may show you how pack is the class ==
then you may know how sucks UCSI's management and Sarah is~!
stand there for an hour ?
everyone is standing and got no place to sit
pity us pay rm 1080 to sit in the floor ==
disappointed with UCSI !!!
cousin and me
our sleepy + tired look
due to the 4 hours video that we have to watch in order to answer the quiz for today~!


~钉钉J3k~ said...

janize ah janize... LOL
we pay money got no power de leh...

tat day 1 of my classmate argue wif lecturer cause he is late n lecturer dun let him in class.... then he say he pay money to attend class, lecturer hv to right to chase him out....

at the last.... ORANG BESAR come in say alot of 'yeh sou' to us z.z LOL

小雨 said...

how come --
we are consumer lehh.. we pay money de lehh.. so unfair T^T

Tenshi said...

yam gong lor~
my class on Fri 8-9.30am... HAIZZ~
less than 10 ppl use C3-1..
what a waste for my class... 0_0

小雨 said...

u r like lc-ing me

Bel said...

Agree lar!!
Ucsi~damn XXX..==
oni noe make money........LOL

小雨 said...

yea lo makan duit je tau~! i juz pass by ur bloggie leh =p


I'm pissed too!! They better give us a reasonable solution or else this it is!!! I wanna screw them upside down!!!