Sunday, February 28, 2010

day 13th of CNY

26 February 2010, Friday
day 13th of CNY, is a public holiday so what shall we do if not having fun together ??? hehe.. first venue, off to my beloved 三好's place with CW, Danny, Galvin and SCC to fetch 三好 to Hong 哥's place for visits..
after hanging around at 三好's place for some moments and the driver had rest enough then we off to Hong 哥's place at Klang ??? *correct me if i am wrong as i am a 路痴*
then 3rd round of the day from Hong 哥's place to Hong 哥's friend place.. so today journey are as shown below :
三好's -> Hong 哥's place -> Hong 哥's friend place
enjoys the pictures

♡ at 三好's place
♡ Gam Ling + Sam Hou
♡ our 1 to 10 shoot
while waiting for Hong 哥 to come back and we got nothing else better to do than SS~! hahaha
♡ at Hong 哥's place
CW been blocked~!!!
♡ die die also do not wanna listen 画沙
♡ and they have famous bak kut teh at some where famous
just too bad i could not have it because of my tummy problem T^T
sad T^T
i wanna have a try tooo~!
♡ sweet sweet lover
♡ when we play until got nothing else better to play
new game invented
those who get black jack or over 21 MUST drink
nice game
♡ by us

effect of tipsy~!

pictures before off to KL~!

enjoy and have lotsa fun
thanks for everything

a very good memory to keep with
cheers ^^

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